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New raspberry net from Tornado


Tornado is introducing a new raspberry net for use in the propagation of raspberry plants. This product enables producers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Tornado has brought its expertise, gained from over 40 years as a fencing manufacturer, to bear on eliminating the problems associated with traditional training systems for propagating raspberries. Currently plants are often supported by bamboo canes and are individually re-tied by hand for every 20cm of growth, and with nurseries propagating millions of raspberry plants annually, this is very labour-intensive work. At a time when there is widespread concern about the availability of labour, producers will welcome any technical innovations that will help them continue to grow their businesses. Tornado Raspberry Net comprises two layers of net laid horizontally and attached to a steel framework. The top layer is raised as the plants grow, so that they are adequately supported through all stages of propagation.

“Tornado Raspberry Net can be re-used multiple times and bring massive cost-savings for growers,” says Wayne Beckett, sector manager. “Using this product will also considerably alleviate concerns that many farmers have at this time about the future availability of agricultural labour due to Brexit. At Tornado we are known for the very strong relationships we have with our customers, and we have developed Tornado Raspberry Net as a result of that relationship. We have launched the product following specific customer requests, and we are already selling it into the market to a range of customers. This is a particularly timely launch in view of the current uncertainty around the availability of labour. We are sure that growers will be very interested in new and innovative equipment that will help them continue to grow their businesses, notwithstanding any changes in the seasonal labour market.”