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HTA Benevolent Fund supports members in need


The HTA Benevolent Fund continues to work in confidence supporting members of the HTA with grants to assist them in difficult circumstances.

Set up by the HTA to care for the welfare of its members, past and present, the HTA Benevolent Fund has supported of several members this year.

HTA Benevolent Fund helps members of the HTA including retailers, growers and landscapers who are facing hardship by providing modest grants and financial assistance. To be eligible for help, individuals need to work for a current HTA member. Or they need to have been employed by a business when it was an HTA member in the past.

If you need help please write to the board of Trustees at: The Administrator, HTA Benevolent Fund, Horticulture House, Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0RN or email

For more information on the service visit