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EAMU issued for use of Sunfire on ornamentals


Certis’ herbicide Sunfire (flufenacet), has been granted an extension of authorisation for minor use (EAMU), for weed control in ornamentals.

John Atwood, principle horticultural consultant at ADAS working on ornamental plant production, explains what the EAMU means for growers in the sector.

“There is limited number of herbicides available in the ornamental industry, particularly in container plant production.

“Over the past few years we have lost some key tools and further restrictions have been placed on the remaining products in terms of frequency of use.

“As a result, growers have been left with much fewer products in their crop protection portfolio, and have become very reliant on these. The problem this causes is that resistance can build up easily, and growers can accumulate staggering hand weeding costs of up to £12,000 per hectare for a single weeding session,” explains Mr Attwood.

“I’m very pleased to see that with the EAMU for Sunfire, we have a very broad usage available, which not only covers outdoor nursery stock but also protected ornamentals.

“Sunfire is a residual herbicide that can be used at any time of the year prior to weed emergence, and there’s no restrictions on going in to the crop after treatment, which provides flexibility in application timing.

“We’re in the process of carrying out more trials with Sunfire to assist growers with their weed management strategies in container nursery stock, but we know already that it gives good control of chickweed,” explains Mr Atwood.

The EAMU, which came into force on 2 May 2017, allows one application per annum of Sunfire at a maximum individual dose rate of 480 ml/ha, and must be applied prior to weed emergence.