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BHTA 2018 Study Tour – in association with Iteipmai


The BHTA in association with Iteipmai are organising a Study Tour in France this September from the 16th to the 19th. Visits will be planned on the 17th, 18th and 19th September, visiting sites such as Iteipmai, Promoplantes, Bioplants, CNPMAI, Daregal and Herbes de Meaux. Hotels, meals and transport will be arranged internally prior to the trip.

Flights will not be covered by AHDB funding and so will need to be booked by the individual. Flight options are available at the BHTA office. Attendees will need to arrive in Nantes no later than 15.00 on the 16th September, and departure will be from Paris Charles de Gaulle after 17.00 on the 19th September.

The first two nights will be spent in a hotel in the Chemille area and the third night near Milly-la-foret. In country travel will be accessed via mini bus hire, once final numbers are confirmed this will be booked according to value. For AHDB members, please note that in-country travel will be covered by their funding. You will be invoiced for your hotel rooms and in country travel (if applicable) prior to the study tour; cancellation fees may be applicable.

Please note this trip is open to members only. For further details please contact Coral Russell or Brooke Lovelock at the BHTA office on 01507 353785 or email

Source: British Growers Association