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Be on the lookout for theft of irrigation machinery


Farmers, landowners and groundsmen are asked to be on the lookout for field scale irrigation equipment they see being moved or stored in unusual circumstances following a major theft of irrigation machinery and trailers from Briggs Irrigation’s factory in Corby.

Irrigation systems including diesel-engine pumpsets with full acoustic canopies, hosereels complete with mounted booms, flat deck trailers, a car transporter trailer, a compressor and a large corporate hospitality caravan were taken from the company’s gated compound on Sunday 16 September.

Briggs Irrigation and the Northamptonshire police are appealing for information from anyone who has seen these large items of agricultural machinery which would normally be seen behind a tractor, being towed by inappropriate vehicles in the East Northamptonshire area or being concealed in or around farm buildings.

All the irrigation units are brand new. Some of the systems were ready to be shipped and are designed specifically for use irrigating racecourses.

Anyone with information can contact Briggs Irrigation 01536 260338. The company knows exactly when and how the theft was carried out and can provide more details to those who believe they might have seen something suspicious.