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VariMAS mixing system prevents lump-formation


The Munckhof VariMAS orchard sprayer has been developed in collaboration with fruit growers to satisfy the requirements of a high-capacity sprayer. The sprayer is suitable for three-row operation to ensure that fruit growers can treat all their trees in a few hours. Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators has now introduced a new mixing system for the VariMAS, which prevents the formation of lumps as the chemicals are filled. The new mixing system improves the homogeneity and effectiveness of the crop protection spray solutions and eliminates the need for pre-mixing and thorough cleaning after spraying.

The VariMAS is Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators’ top-of-the-range product. This excellent sprayer for orchards, vineyards and berry crops achieves optimal leaf coverage so that the active agents in the solution can do their work effectively. This is achieved through accurate control of ground speed, the pressure at the nozzles (7 bars) and the speed of the pump. The optimal relationship between air and fluid ensures good airflow and perfect atomisation, minimising the wastage of chemicals. Tests performed by Wageningen University (WUR) indicate that the VariMAS reduces drift by 99%, so the VariMAS is also ideal for organically grown crops.

Fully dissolved chemicals are essential for effective spraying. They also eliminate blockages in the nozzles and prevent clogging and the accumulation of sludge at the filters. Since its introduction, the VariMAS has featured an agitator mechanism to guarantee the homogeneity of the mixtures after filling and during mixing. The VariMAS has now been upgraded by adding a powerful mixing pump with a high-capacity suction pickup, which prevents the powders from sticking together and forming lumps during mixing. As soon as the chemicals are added, the mixing system vigorously pumps water and the active agents around the full inner surface of the tank, guaranteeing that the chemicals dissolve perfectly in water. This innovation from Munckhof improves spray quality and eliminates the need for pre-mixing and thoroughly cleaning the tank after spraying.

The VariMAS Orchard sprayer can simultaneously spray three rows. So, this high-capacity sprayer for orchards, vineyards and bush-fruit crops saves growers money by reducing labour, fuel and operating hours. The VariMAS is also available in a compact, easy-to-manoeuvre design for single-row application of crop protection products.