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UK continues to import potatoes


According to trade data, the UK continues to import potatoes from North-West Europe, particularly for the bagged chipping market and processing.

Belgium’s Fiwap/PCA said in its market report: ‘The market is somewhat disrupted by an offer of potatoes that do not keep well (mainly Challenger with rotting problems). Problematic contracts and lots help to supply the demand from the processing industry. It is the main reason preventing prices from going up. Some producers managed to sell larger lots immediately or at a later date at better prices. Besides, some bad frying indexes have been reported: late potato harvests at colder temperatures.’

The price for high quality samples of Innovator and similar varieties in Germany and The Netherlands remains good for quality samples, although there are many wet samples which need a lot of grading on the market.


Photo caption: The UK demand for chipping potatoes is said to be driving imports

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons