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Soil Association says UK could lead world in ‘nature friendly’ farming


The Soil Association has launched a new report which says that a true ‘green Brexit’ as promised by the Government, will require major policy changes.

The document, Setting the Bar for a “Green Brexit” in Food and Farmingsays that without the restrictions of the CAP, UK farming could be much more environmentally friendly. It calls for integrated policies and long term investment in advice to help farmers transition to nature-friendly farming.

Launching the report with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agroecology in the House of Commons on 10 June, Gareth Morgan, Head of Policy at the Soil Association, said, “Farming has huge potential to be part of the solution in tackling the climate, wildlife and diet crises we face. Government has promised a “Green Brexit” but ambitious domestic policies are required to achieve this. Becoming the “environmental superpower” government has promised is achievable, regardless of what happens with Brexit, but only if we make radical changes to support a transition to agroecological farming and healthy, sustainable diets.”

Photo caption: The soil association says Brexit should deliver more support for organic and agroecological farming methods

Photo credit: Wikimedia