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Sainsbury’s to abandon dark plastic by end of year


Sainsbury’s has announced ambitious plans to end the use of dark coloured plastics which are difficult to recycle. It says the plastics will be removed from all fresh food lines by the end of 2019 and from the retailer entirely by March 2020. It will also remove all plastic packaging from Christmas crackers this year.

At the end of April the retailer said it was immediately removing plastic packaging from sweetheart and Savoy cabbages, cutting some 100 tonnes of plastic packaging over the next year.

Sainsbury’s has already introduced steps to reduce the use of 8,101 tonnes of non-recyclable “virgin” every year. Over the next twelve months, the company plans to remove a further 1280 tonnes of plastic from products and ensure all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

CEO Mike Coupe commented, “We are serious about reducing plastic. For many years, Sainsbury’s has prioritised sustainability and sought innovative solutions to reduce plastic packaging and increase recycling. Today’s announcements show what we have already achieved and demonstrate our firm commitments for the future to make significant reductions in plastic use.”

The company had previously removed plastic packaging from cauliflowers, organic bananas, easy peeler citrus fruit, brassicas and tomatoes, saving 131 tonnes of the material.

Photo Caption: Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coup says the retailer is “serious about reducing plastic.”

Photo Credit: Sainsbury’s