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Osmocote – 50 years of nutrition excellence


ICL is celebrating 50 years of nutrition excellence with Osmocote controlled release fertilizer (CRF), and launching a liquid formulation of H2Gro − the unique, efficient and reliable wetting and water conservation agent − at The SW Growers Show next month.   For the first time the stand will also showcase key products from ICL’s Turf and Landscape range.

“The Osmocote brand continues to evolve thanks to innovative new technologies and an increasing level of applied scientific horticultural knowledge,” says Adam Ferjani, ICL marketing communications manager.

“Whether growing summer or autumn bedding, propagating from cuttings or producing container nursery stock or pot plants, there are specialist Osmocote products to help growers simplify and improve their crop nutrition programmes.”

The extensive range covers everything from Osmocote Start – a starter fertilizer for short-term crops – to fourth generation technology Osmocote Exact Hi.End. This latest technology provides programmed release matching the specific needs of the plant by releasing nutrients in line with its growth.

To aid growers in the management of increasingly erratic rainfall patterns, help reduce water usage and guard against plant stress, H2Gro is now available in liquid formulation. It has important applications for overwintered stock, interior plantscapes and pre-dispatch to extend plant shelf life.

From ICL’s Turf and Landscape range, the stand will showcase a number of plant protection products including Instrata Elite – a new dual action turf fungicide from Syngenta offering contact and systemic action, as well as Nemasys − the biological control for chafer grubs and leatherjackets.  Other highlights will be the Landscaper Pro range for lawns and landscapes and EcoPlug Max, a highly effective tree stump treatment minimising root and stump sprouting (95 – 100% efficacy).

To learn more about the latest ICL innovations, Andrew Wilson (ICL’s professional horticulture technical manager) will be giving a 30-minute seminar at 2pm entitled ‘An holistic approach to plant production’ – all are welcome to attend.