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Online farmers market launched


An online Farmers Market, which began in Berlin at the start of the year, has now launched its second website in London.

Bonativo says that it gives users access to locally produced food without them having to wait for the next market day. Orders have a minimum value of £30 and are delivered within two days within an area currently covering travel zones 1 and 2 and all South West postcodes.  The company has 50 suppliers as far afield as Lincolnshire and the Isle of Wight, with a range of 500 products.

Christian Eggert, co-founder of Bonativo said, “We believe that everyone has the right to know the story behind their food. We‘re not just talking about a vague country label, but about the land it was grown in, the treatment it went through, and the people behind it. Through our website, we’re bringing people together for whom food means more than just interchangeable products on a supermarket shelf.”

“We help small, local businesses to remain sustainable. We provide them with a platform and visibility, to help them reach a much wider audience. We want the region’s best products to be available to as many people as possible.”

The website is