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Omex establishes new trials site in Sicily


Omex Agrifluids has set up a new trials and demonstration site for its soluble plant nutrient products at a horticultural holding near Catania in Sicily. The UK based company has leased a substantial area of greenhouse space from an established customer and user of Omex products.

Joint Managing Director Peter Prentis said “Omex now has its own trials and demonstration site for distributors and potential customers to come and see for themselves the benefits of using Omex nutrient products on greenhouse-grown crops. Omex products are being trialled on a wide range of crops including tomato, cucumber, capsicum and chilli peppers, aubergine, zucchini, water melon and honey dew melon.”

Regional Director Alan Lowes said “the trials site of greenhouse crops treated exclusively with Omex products will be of interest to growers from across southern Europe, adjoining regions like North Africa and the Middle East and other parts of world with growing conditions similar to those in Sicily.”

A recently-held open day was attended by Omex personnel including: Olof Winkler, Omex Group Chairman; Nils Winkler, Joint Managing Director; Luciano Gullotta, Sales Manager Central and Southern Europe; David Booty, Technical Development Manager; Dr Benjamin Odunlami, Technical Manager and Regional Director Alan Lowes who said: “It was an excellent opportunity for a broad spectrum of Omex personnel to see first-hand and close up the performance of established Omex products.”

The products used and exclusively on tomato were:

  • Omex CalMax (22.5% w/v calcium; nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients) to promote shoot growth and to raise the resilience of tomato fruit to blossom end rot
  • Omex Bio 20 (full complement of macro and micronutrients + seaweed extract) applied early in the tomato crop to boost root growth and development and general plant nutrition
  • Omex Garland: Omex’s patented, natural soil amendment product to strengthen plant root systems against attack by soil-borne pests and pathogens.

An agronomist observed “when conducting Garland trials for root growth enhancement, which also increase resilience to soil pests and pathogens, including plant parasitic nematodes, there is often no need to reveal the roots because top growth performance is a sufficiently good indicator of product efficacy.”

Questions were asked about the potential use of Omex products for enhanced fruit set in tomato. Alan Lowes told the gathering “CalMax Gold targeted at flowering time is scheduled for future trials.”

“We hope distributors and customers of Omex products will benefit from visiting this excellent demonstration site in Sicily,” said Peter Prentis.

Omex Pictur – Nils Winkler, Joint Managing Director (left) and Olof Winkler, Omex Group Chairman (right) at the new trials and demonstration site in Sicily.