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New tomato seed priming technique


Seed technology company Incotec has announced a new ‘Promotor Premium priming’ product for use on tomato seeds.

Suitable for all tomato cultivars, the company claims that the new technique delivers the best results to date in terms of faster and more uniform germination. ‘Fast emergence to accelerate the process of tomato plant production; uniform emergence to help align subsequent stages of plant development and make the process of raising tomato plants faster and easier to plan,’ said Incotec in a statement.

Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Global Sales Manager, added, “Promotor Premium is designed to get the best out of every seed lot. Our extended data range clearly shows that seed primed with Promotor Premium germinates and emerges faster and more uniformly than other priming systems. A quick and more uniform development can help take the guesswork out of planning and make the entire process of growing tomato plants more efficient.”

Another benefit of Promotor Premium is a minimal risk of blind plants developing. This priming can also be combined with other Incotec technologies such as X-ray upgrading, pelleting and film coating.


Photo source: Incotec