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New product announced for caterpillar control in ornamentals and root crops


Certis has announced the launch of an exciting new biorational product Agree 50 WG, which has proven efficacy against caterpillars, within ornamental and root crops, including radish, black radish, beetroot and swede. As we are coming in to the part of the season where caterpillars often become a problem, this launch is very timely.

Agree 50 WG offers a unique mode of action against all true caterpillar species such as carnation tortrix and light brown apple moths. Containing the bacteria, Bacillus thuringgiensis var. aizawai strain GC-91, Agree 50 WG stops the pest feeding within 30 minutes following ingestion.

Diamond Back Moth (DBM) has been on the rise, especially in East Anglia, with the ornamental sector feeling the pressure in its brassica crops such as aubretia and wall flowers, which are specifically targeted by the pest.

The formulation of Agree 50 WG is proven to be effective against this species and offers growers a good opportunity to manage resistance.

Key considerations:

  • Timing is essential – target young caterpillars, ideally larva at one and two instar stages
  • Subsequent applications are key – the product needs to be applied on a regular basis to ensure that all new foliage is protected
  • Best used as part of a full IPM approach