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Modiform’s EcoExpert debut in TESCO


Modiform’s EcoExpert range of pots and trays made from moulded paper have their first debut in the UK for Tesco supermarkets. It was a 100% plastic free plant offering! The plastic pots were re-packed into EcoExpert 14cm pots and trays. The plastic POS is changed to card and even the plastic cable ties were swapped for biodegradable hessian string.

Tesco have calculated that this trial (48000 pots and 8000 trays) has saved them from handling 1 tonne of plastic waste. Shaun Herdsman, EcoExpert Division Leader “We are confident that Tesco will repeat the idea and scale it up in the near future.”

Modiform constantly strives to produce packaging and transport products for horticulture that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For this reason Modiform created a brand new product range called ‘EcoExpert’. This product range is made from paper fibre instead of plastic. The paper used is 100% recycled (waste from production of cardboard boxes) and the products can easily be recycled through the standard household or retailer cardboard recycling system. Not only can it be recycled and composted, but if it finds its way into the natural environment it will degrade within a year.

Modiform’s EcoExpert range contains two pots and five different transport trays at this moment. In the near future Modiform hopes to expand the rangearound 20 products, including any bespoke designs that are created together with grower and retail partners.