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MDF Coverpot now available in new sizes


The plant pots in the MDF Coverpot series from Pöppelmann TEKU® have an internal rim which ensures that a cavity remains between the closed pot bottom and the cultivation pot. This can be used to store liquids if necessary. In combination with the Waterwick™ stick (a wick projecting into the water, which Pöppelmann TEKU® can supply directly if required), the plant has a permanent supply of water. Dealers and consumers alike benefit from this water storage system, since they do not have to water the plants as frequently.

The manufacturer uses the IML procedure to attach pre-printed labels directly to the plant pot, creating a high-quality and visually appealing unit. The label cannot be removed, either wilfully or unintentionally. This results in completely new decoration options which can be used for special occasions or as attractive gift ideas. Market research institute “Konkret” from Bremen confirmed the sales-promoting effects of these plant pots in a study.

Pöppelmann TEKU® previously offered the MDF Coverpot in different versions for TEKU® cultivation pots with a diameter of 12 to 19 cm. Three additional versions with diameters of 7, 9 and 11 cm are now available: Versions MDF 7 D, MDF 9 and MDF 11 are available for delivery now.