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Light4Food reinforces the Priva partner network with indoor growing


Light4Food and Priva have responded to the rapid increase in the number of indoor growing activities by entering into the Priva Partnership. Light4Food, with its broad network and powerful group of customers in the seed-breeding and food production sectors, is a strong cooperation partner for Priva. Rene van Haeff, Managing Director, Light4Food and Jaco de Vries, Horticulture Sales Manager, sealed the partnership last week when they signed the contract.

Priva’s new Light4Food partner is focused exclusively on indoor growing solutions in Europe and other parts of the world. The company offers a complete package of solutions from technical engineering, right through to the installation. Light4Food also carries out plant research, and assists in the cultivation of crops in indoor growing facilities. The company has completed numerous major projects in recent years that include mobile climate chambers for seed breeding, and indoor growing test facilities for vegetable growers.

Light4Food now has a group of customers that include pioneering market leaders in the seed breeding and food production sectors and, as a result, possess the knowledge and technology for seeds right through to the end product. Light4Food’s combination of technology and plant research enables the company to provide optimum advice to its customers and assisting them in using the products most effectively. Light4Food is an ideal partner for Priva in order to enhance both the national and international seed and vegetable market.

Priva develops and supplies products and services for sustainable, innovative climate control and process management in the horticultural and utility construction sectors. Priva has in-depth knowledge of both irrigation and lighting strategies in horticulture and the creation of an optimal indoor climate in a building with HVAC controls. The combination of knowledge of these diverse sectors is crucial and valuable for growing all kinds of crops in an indoor growing environment. In cooperation with its partners, Priva implements its hardware and software solutions in many growing environments, for example, nursery containers, city farms, sheds and in roof greenhouses. When developing these solutions Priva not only reviews water, climate and cultivation issues, but also considers labor and management factors. The very powerful combination of Priva’s knowledge and Light4Food’s knowledge and expertise will be of great value in elevating indoor growing projects to a higher level.