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Jayne Dyas leaves British Growers on a high note


Jayne Dyas, Head of Crop Associations at the British Growers Association, is to leave the organisation after 28 years. Jayne, who joined the organisation in 1989, has seen the number of Crop Associations managed by British Growers double from seven to 14 during that time.

Jack Ward, British Growers’ Chief Executive said: “Jayne has demonstrated great commitment and dedication to the Crop Associations. Her industry knowledge and experience have been invaluable, and she will be much missed. Jayne has guided the associations through numerous industry challenges. Her quiet determination, coupled with her professionalism and organisational skills have provided the industry with a great champion.”

Jayne says that the role of British Growers has changed considerably during that period. “While collaboration remains at the heart of all the work that we do,” she says, “The nature of what we do has changed and we are now playing a much more strategic role. When I started there were more companies and pulling them together to get the best deals on items such as packaging was an important part of what we did. Now there are less companies, but we still have a critical function.

“Today we are organising a lot more events – agronomy days, technical days and conferences – and these have all proved to be very successful. When I started only one of the Crop Associations was doing PR. At some point in recent years, they have all taken on PR for their crops, and for some, such as the Asparagus Growers Association, it has been so successful in driving growth that they are now running it all year round.”

She was also involved with the launch of ProduceView, British Growers’ Market Intelligence tool which is currently undergoing an update.

Jayne says: “We are dealing with more and more data, and that’s a role that we are uniquely equipped to handle. I have also seen the Crop Associations take a greater part in the direction of R&D through AHDB. The fact that we haven’t lost a client over the past 28 years and have added seven more Crop Associations to our portfolio is testament to the work that British Growers’ staff do, and the unique part that the organisation plays in the industry. It can provide services that no individual company or association can. I really feel I’m leaving British Growers at a time of great opportunity for fresh produce. There will be a real opportunity to grow markets at the expense of imports post-Brexit.”

Jayne will be taking a break before deciding on her next move.