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Great British apples team up with HIX Soho to prove that Bramleys are best


Great British Apples is teaming up with chef restauranteur, Mark Hix MBE throughout February to offer HIX Soho diners a signature Baked Bramley to celebrate Britain’s finest cooking apple.

Marking the Bramley apple season, and created to give Londoners a taste of the quintessential British countryside, the dish celebrates the versatility and delicious taste of this iconic apple. Featuring dried fruits, nuts and cider brandy, the Baked Bramley is a must-try for all dessert fans, particularly in the colder months.

Bramleys provide an unequalled eating experience thanks to their melt-in-the-mouth texture when cooked. Hix’s Baked Bramley recipe inspires diners to expand their apple repertoire beyond delicious crumbles and pies and is surprisingly simple enough to be re-created at home. 

Mark Hix comments, “The idea behind this dish is to get people excited about cooking with one of my favourite British apples. Bramleys suit so many sweet and savoury dishes because of their exquisite tartness and texture, but many people have forgotten how to cook them. I want people to leave my restaurant feeling inspired to experiment at home, to help this quintessential apple find its way back on to the table.” 

Ali Capper, Executive Chair at English Apples & Pears who run the Great British Apples campaign, said: “Grown in the UK for over 200 years, Bramley apples have a unique heritage with many useful attributes. Yet despite being the nation’s go-to cooking apple for hundreds of years, they’re starting to slip from people’s shopping consciousness. The Baked Bramley is a simple but delicious dish that demonstrates why this variety is ripe for rediscovery”. 

Mark Hix’s Baked Bramley will be available at HIX Soho until 28thFebruary 2019.