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“A good job, well done” – ProVaR elects to cease variety royalty management at end of 2019


ProVaR, the UK’s not-for-profit ornamental plant variety management organisation, has decided to call it a day at the end of 2019, following their AGM last month.

Since its formation in 2007 ProVaR has been successful in the licencing of a very large number of varieties in an extremely wide range of species of trees, shrubs and perennials. Over this time ProVaR has handled millions of royalty paid plants in excess of 140 varieties.

“The introduction of new and exciting varieties is the life-blood of the ornamental plant sector,” commented ProVaR Chairman and industry figure, John Hedger, adding, “ProVaR was established at a time of increasing demand in the sector for the management and promotion of new and novel protected varieties.  We were able to issue a new and unique combined licence available to any UK producer to propagate and grow the initial 80 varieties submitted by the 10 and later 12 participating breeder members. Supported by descriptions and the attributes of each variety together with help in sourcing stock plants”

In its time ProVaR has provided the industry, architects, municipal authorities and journalists with up to date information on such varieties including the Intellectual Property status of any individual cultivar within its Offer.

The ProVaR AGM in November unanimously agreed that owing to changes in the propagation sector over the last four or five years in both the UK and EU, which have seen a large reduction in the number of nurseries propagating and a move to specialist propagators taking a bigger slice of the market, the need for an organisation such as ProVaR has significantly decreased.

With the establishment of international  ‘management agents’ now in place, both here and overseas, breeders will now be able to choose the best way forward for their varieties and production.

ProVaR will be undertaking all royalty collections, as normal, up until the end of June 2019 and will look to cease trading at the end of that year.

Current breeder members are being encouraged to confirm their new marketing and commercialisation partners for their varieties prior to Feb 2019, when updated information on royalty arrangements will be circulated to grower members.

In concluding the AGM, Chairman John Hedger, paid tribute to the many industry figures who had come together to establish and run ProVaR over the period when the  industry needed it most, “A good job, well done!”