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Dutch launch Farming the Future campaign


A new campaign has been launched to promote Dutch agriculture and horticulture and increase the uptake of new techniques and technologies around the world.

Farming the Future is an international campaign which brings together public and private sector stakeholders to promote the Netherlands’ agri-food and horticulture supply chains to potential global partners. According to the group’s website, the campaign will use real life examples to demonstrate the country’s extensive knowledge, expertise and creativity in solving today’s challenges, and to promote a sustainable food system around the world.

According to reports, the Dutch agri-food and horticulture sectors are keen to share their extensive knowledge and experience in creating circular agricultural systems which guarantee food security and generate economic opportunities. The Dutch government also believes that the campaign, whose objectives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, can boost cooperation ‘between businesses, governments and knowledge institutions to improve processes, accelerate innovation and reduce climate impact across the supply chains.’

Photo Credit: Farming the Future