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Leading drones and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) retailer,, has launched a training course for agricultural businesses wishing to operate drones for commercial use. The three-day course gives drone pilots full Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) accreditation, which will allow agricultural workers who take the course to fly drones on-farm.

Being able to operate a drone on-farm can have numerous benefits for the agricultural industry, which can use them to assess crop growth and distribute pesticides and fertilizers.

The specially designed course will guide participants through practical applications of drones for commercial use, including still photography, elaborate topographical surveys, 3D point cloud scanning, orthomosaics, utility inspections and thermal imaging.

Run by an ex-military and commercial drone pilots with expert knowledge, the course allows ample time for employees to pass their practical assessment, and to compile their operations manual records ready for submission to the CAA. It also provides detailed training in air law and regulations, meteorology and weather operation, navigation and air space, map exercises, aircraft knowledge, airmanship and safety, human factors and operating procedure, that will equip construction workers with the knowledge to use their equipment safely and confidently in the workplace.

The Yorkshire-based course includes two nights’ accommodation and a ‘no-resit fee’ deal, which means those who require more air time are not penalised. The course costs £1100 plus VAT, and includes access to a Drone Academy Members Club.

Tim Morley, business unit manager at said, “As with the recreational use of drones, the commercial use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles has become more commonplace. For safety and legal reasons, it is vital that employees using drones on-site are qualified and that their use is considered and responsible. Compliance with CAA rules and holding PfCO accreditation is written into UK law and, therefore, anyone wishing to incorporate a drone and its technologies into their work is required to hold this accreditation. For us at, as an advocate of safe drone usage, providing a course for use in construction projects was a no-brainer and this is an extension of our commitment to the responsible us of drones.”

The largest UK retailer of drones operates a ‘try before you buy’ service on the latest drones within its dedicated in-store Drone Zone. has previously pledged its commitment to helping ensure safe and responsible drone usage via its customer charter, and has called on other major retailers to follow its lead.

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Photo credit: Paul Grecaud