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Disinfecting trays with UV light


A new tray cleaning system from Italian manufacturer Urbinati can be fitted with a UV sterilising unit which the company claims makes it equally suitable for organic growers and those looking to reduce their use of disinfectant chemicals.

Suitable for thermoform, hard plastic, polyform or polystyrene trays, the Cleanlight cleaning system is gaining in popularity. “After the trays are being washed with pure water with a pressure of 10 bar, they will get a second and final disinfection treatment in a tunnel with UV lamps”, said Alessandro Mazzacano of Urbinati. “The UV light will kill all micro-organisms on the trays without harming the material of the tray. This is a very efficient treatment that is highly suitable for organic growers or growers that want to use less or no chemicals inside their operations.”

Capable of speeds of up to 500 trays per hour, the systems come with numerous options including automatic de-stacking and collecting / stacking units. “It is suitable for any kind of grower, large or small scale because it can be electronically adjusted to the preferences of the client in terms of washing slowly for a more accurate cleaning or faster in order to guarantee higher speed production,” added Mazzacano.