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Desch Plantpak introduces two new ornamental pots


Colourful news fresh from the Desch-Epla factory: two completely new decorative pots that perfectly reflect contemporary trends – well thought-out, highly stylised, and distinctive. Both models have a non-scratch and non-stick surface, which keeps them nice and clean.

‘MAYCA’ ornamental pot: the ideal home for bedding, Buxus and hydrangea

Just like all Epla pots, the ‘MAYCA’ is designed to give perfect root-formation. The ‘MAYCA’ collection is being launched in two sizes, 23 and 27 cm, both available from stock in the standard colours. Other colours are available on request. Three new sizes will follow in September 2018: 17, 19 and 29 cm. The ‘MAYCA’ is a perfect match for bedding plants and Buxus, but in combination with Hydrangea it could well become a bestseller.

‘IMCA’ Grow&Go cover pot: same as the ‘MAYCA’, but with a water reservoir

The ‘IMCA’ is identical to the ‘MAYCA’, but has a special base which turns it into a Grow&Go pot. The plant is first grown in one of Desch’s standard thermoform containers or a suitable standard injection-mould pot, and then transferred to the ‘IMCA’ cover pot. The structure of the base results in a Grow&Go pot with water reservoir. It keeps the ‘IMCA’ nice and clean.

The ‘IMCA’ pot comes as standard with a special sticker which lets the consumer know that the pot has a water reservoir. The ‘IMCA’ Grow&Go is an ideal patio pot; not only for bedding plants, such as lavender and strawberry plants, but also for houseplants.

Images – (L) IMCA, Grow&Go (R) MAYCA