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Biodegradable plant propagation system gaining interest Down Under


A new growth grow plug, developed from biodegradable polymer netting in the Netherlands, is proving popular with Australian growers according to Klasmann-Deilmann, which is the international distributor for the product.

The Growcoon has been available for a while in Europe, but it is rapidly gaining traction in Australia, where it has recently been introduced. It has a stable open net structure and is made from a 100 per cent biodegradable polymer which is approved for organic growing. It can be used with all propagation systems such as sowing, cuttings, grafting, tissue culture and hydroponic systems. The Growcoon is suitable for a wide range of standard trays and can be placed into the tray either manually or automatically using a dispenser that can be connected to the tray filling line.

“It is an insert that fits into horticultural trays and it is one option for propagation,” said Peter McDiarmid of Klasmann. “It has some good advantages in that it is fully biodegradable and has an open net structure, which allows the plants to develop its roots freely to form a strong and stable root ball in a short time. Shorter cultivation cycles and highly efficient transplanting reduce costs for growers. The Growcoon also allows you to loose-fill the trays with your substrate of choice, which is a big advantage over alternative propagation systems that work with pressed or stabilised plugs with more densely filled substrate.”


Photo source: Growcoon