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Availability of ‘Vanya Pink’ improved


The new disbud Chrysanthemum ‘Vanya Pink’ has a striking appearance with her big, pink spherical flower and tons of flower petals. Royal Van Zanten are focusing on the expansion of their collection of disbud Chrysanthemums, making them more widely available.

To stand out from the crowd, florists need to attract customers with special flowers, craftsmanship and custom floral designs. Royal Van Zanten wants to support florists by making sure special varieties are widely available. ‘Vanya Pink’ will be offered in larger numbers at flower auctions starting week 15. Next to Kamuro (Zentoo), J&A Flowers (Vannova) will also supply ‘Vanya Pink’, doubling the number of stems to 20.000 a week. That way, florists are more likely to get a hold of ‘Vanya Pink’.

The ‘Vanya Pink’ is a striking flower and therefore a great addition when it comes to innovative flower arrangements. This strong variety has a long vase life and a beautiful pink colour year-round.