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Agrovista joins Euro-A-Pro


AGROVISTA UK LIMITED is pleased to announce it has joined the EURO-A-PRO organisation as a new partner commencing with immediate effect.

EURO-A-PRO is a joint venture originally created in 2009, between HOLDIS France and BSL Germany and now involves Agrovista UK covering the UK market sectors.

The 3 partner companies will work together in combined research across a broad portfolio, allowing for the development of new and existing products over a wider market. Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers, new technologies and techniques can be shared and brought to market more efficiently to help growers face the challenges within European farming. Utilising the expertise and the knowledge of the combined partners, growers will have access to far more specialist information to help them maintain and develop profitable farming systems.

AGROVISTA, as one of the UK’s leading suppliers, gives the opportunity for EURO-A-PRO to extend its geographical scope in the third largest EU market, after France and Germany and to provide coverage across the main part of North- Western Europe.

This expansion allows EURO-A-PRO partners to initiate new development projects in the field of plant protection, seeds, precision farming techniques and nutrition across a wider geographic and commercial area.