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Under 40s Fruit Growers rebrands as NextGen Fruit Group


The group formerly known as the Under 40s Fruit Growers has relaunched under the heading of the NextGen Fruit Group.

New chairman, Ben Bardsley used the relaunch to announce that the group’s next overseas study tour, in 2021, will be to New Zealand. “We’re making the group bigger, more meaningful and we’re making it global,” he added at the launch event on 6 June. “Our industry needs people like us to power it forward. We’re a group of like-minded individuals who all work in the fruit industry.”

The group hopes to increase its membership to 350 over the next two years, with up to 20 per cent of members coming from overseas. “NextGen is about having fun, getting together and having a conversation over a beer,” he added. “We’re passionate about the future of the fruit industry and bringing the industry together through the power of young people. Every business has got young people in common, and we want to grow the membership to 350 people with 10 to 20 per cent of that international.”

The Under 40s Fruit Group was formed in 1967 and as well as regular meetings and farm walks, has organised overseas trips to countries including Chile and South Africa.


Photo caption: Members of the Under 40s Fruit Growers (now the NextGen Fruit Group) on the group’s visit to Chile in February 2019.

Photo caption: NextGen Fruit Group