Berry Yearbook 2016 - page 9

weights, extensionof the season and
import substitution.
“We sawhigher values for raspberries in
2015 than2014, with a higher
proportion sold intodirect sales and the
‘top-end’ wholesale sector.
The greatest impact on sales of
blackberries is coming from the new
‘sweet eaters’, withDriscoll Victoria®,
nowwell established, andDriscoll Elvira®
offeringgreat promise. “KANTAR reports
improvedmarket penetration from
blackberries (11.6% in2015 from10% in
2014, and a 17% year-roundgrowth)
following the polarisationof themarket
into ‘cookers and sweet-eaters’, the latter
attracting the better values,” he added.
TheUK supply base of blueberries has
‘stalled’ in recent years as premiumswere
not found inmain season supplies, with
theUK supply proportionof the overall
market remaining relatively small.
“Earliness or lateness using substrate
systems in shorter crop cycles appears to
be favouredoptions, but direct
competition/substitutionof cheaper-
produced Eastern European supplies in
these periodswill increase demand for
home supplies,” saidNicholas.
He explained that there are new variety-
releases fromblueberry breeding
programmeswhichwill be suitable for UK
growers, namely fromDriscoll’s -releasing
Driscoll Sweet Jane® (early), Driscoll
Jolene® (mid season) and the lateDriscoll
BarbaraAnn®. Fall Creek releases include
the early variety ‘Cargo’ and the late ‘Last
Call’. Blueberries enjoyedhighmarket
penetration (up to43.4% in2015 from
37% in2014, with a 23%market
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