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Research finds new benefits of blueberries


Blueberries may have significant effects on memory and attention in children according to new research, while other work shows they can also improve the thinking performance of adults.

Speaking at the launch of the New Zealand blueberry season, Prof Claire Williams, chair of neuroscience in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading, said the flavonoids found naturally in blueberries can significantly improve memory and attention – particularly in children: “Students can really benefit from the short-term memory boost blueberries offer if they consume them before an exam.”

In a trial, a group of seven-to-ten year olds who consumed a blueberry beverage showed nine per cent quicker reaction times on a computer than children who were given a placebo control. 

Blueberries New Zealand chairman Dan Peach said, “We’ve always known our wonderful fruit is packed full of goodness, but to have these additional benefits confirmed by Prof Williams’ research is really exciting for us.”1

Photo Caption: New Zealand athlete Eliza McCartney is an ambassador for the country’s blueberry campaign

Photo Credit: Blueberries New Zealand