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Packed agenda for irrigation conference


This year’s conference of the UK Irrigation Association (UKIA) will seek to answer the question, ‘Can irrigators get a fair share of our nations’ water resources?’ with the help of a full agenda and experts from around the world.

Chaired by Yorkshire carrot grower Guy Poskitt, the event will include a presentation from Paul Hickey, Deputy Head of water resources at the Environment Agency, who will present the new National Water Framework and the plans for implementation and indicate how agriculture fits within this integrated approach to managing the nation’s water resources.

Lindsay Hargreaves, Managing Director Fredrick Hiam Ltd and Director of Water Resources East, will offer insights from a farming perspective on current developments including the new Water Framework, progress with local catchment management, and Water Resources East, while Professor Jerry Knox of Cranfield University will launch UKIA’s strategy for water for irrigation in the UK, which is planned for publication in February.

This year’s guest speaker is Professor Mike Muller from South Africa, who says we should stop blaming climate change for the ills of the water sector. He will talk about those dominating the water sector as Lions and Hyenas; and share his thoughts on who the lions and hyenas are in terms of UK water resources.

The conference is open to UKIA members and non-members, and more details can be found at


Photo Caption: This year’s UKIA conference will ask how farming can secure a fair share of water.

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