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A new company in the provision of controlled atmosphere fruit storage


The instruments and controlled atmosphere divisions of International Controlled Atmosphere Ltd (ICA) have been acquired by Storage Control Systems Ltd, which is wholly owned by Jim Schaefer, the proprietor of Storage Control Systems Inc. of Sparta, Michigan, USA.

Storage Control Systems Inc. has been a major and long-time customer of the ICA Instruments division and incorporates ICA6000 control equipment in many of its installed systems in North America. Jim Schaefer and David Bishop are the co-inventors and patent-holders of the SafePod and LabPod systems recently introduced into the controlled atmosphere marketplace.

The ICA controlled atmosphere division, run by Trevor Underdown, is now part of the new company and will be integrated as a single business and operation. Storage Control Systems Ltd will continue to operate with the same people, same premises, same products and the same excellent service as before.

The significant expansion of the available market under common ownership will result in many opportunities for innovation and growth in the worldwide market for equipment used for the storage of perishable products.