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“Blemish-free” apple rules relaxed by Tesco


Many growers faced the prospect of having to discard apples that had been hit by this year’s frosts that caused unsightly blemishes on what are otherwise perfectly good fruit, with Bramleys  being particularly hit by this problem. Tesco’s helpful move means that a variety of apples, including an estimated 300 tonnes of Bramleys, could now be sold through the supermarket.

John Worth from Tesco said: “We’re working with our growers to sue as much of the crop and prevent perfectly good fruit from going to waste. Although some apples might be smaller or blemished, they’ll have the same great taste our customers expect”. He said that the slightly blemished fruit would be sold as part of their standard range, while more blemished fruit will be sold under its Perfectly Imperfect “wonky” fruit and vegetable branding.